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I am quite satisfied with Trade Rush. It really works well and the service is fast enough. The payments made are really quick. I use it for every trade I do. I am grateful to Trade Rush, as it is quite effective to grow my capital quickly.

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I used the trading strategy called "Graphic Trend Analysis". This strategy is nothing but a real time meta graph linked to the global stock exchange. You just need to predict the upward or downward movement from the graph.


If you have already understood the trend i.e. it is upward or downward then act accordingly. Purchase a set amount of asset and follow the trend as you have established. The logic behind following the trend is that the price of an asset changes only after a changeable trend. Suppose the price of an asset is going down i.e. there is a downward trend; it is likely to go down further until a changeable trend comes to reverse the trend. As soon as the trend in price becomes changeable in majority of points in the graph, it changes to upward trend.

You will get to know how to make profit from the movement of the graph i.e. the price trend. Naturally you always want to make profit. So a brief knowledge of this method will really help you to make more money. You will know which trend you should follow by investing which asset and all so that you can make more profit. This lesson is important for all professional traders to know the market.


It seems to be quite simple to get the trend from the graph but it is not so. In order to recognize the pattern of the price movement, you need to look at proper area of the graph. To let you understand clearly the trend from the graph and to guide you in the trading, three graphs are given here. Each graph has a green and red block what is known as a candle. Each of these graphs is for the last 5 minutes of trading.

The first graph in the left hand side is for USD/JPY. The graph clearly shows a upward trend. So the conclusion should be that while trading you should trade that the USD/JPY will go up.

The graph in the middle is GBP/USD. This graph does not show movement in any particular direction, rather it shows a changeable trend. So you cannot reach to any conclusion. Hence, it is better not to trade on this currency for the time being.

The third graph i.e. the graph in the extreme right is for EUR/GBP. This graph clearly shows a downward movement. So from the graph it follows that you should trade that EUR/GBP will go down.


Upward Trend
Upward Trend
Downward Trend
Downward Trend


It is obvious in trading that you cannot win 100% of the time. You may be following all the guidelines, you may be too much experienced in trading but it is quite natural and inevitable that sometimes you will lose. If you follow the price trend quite minutely, then also you may lose in cases. But obviously number of wins will outnumber number of loses so that you have a net profit. You can basically say nothing with certainty in financial market – it is too volatile in nature. So it is advisable to invest smartly to avoid huge loses. You can follow a simple rule – not to invest more than, say 5% of your capital.

  • if you have $200 in your account, each open position must be a maximum of $10
  • if you have $500 in your account, each open position must be a maximum of $25
  • if you have $2000 in your account, each open position must be a maximum of $100
  • if you have $5000 in your account, each open position must be a maximum of $250

etc …

If you want to start a trading, the first select the asset (i.e. USD/JPY ) then select the "Call" or "Put" option. "call" means it will go up while "Put" implies it will go down.

There is an example, which shows a trade. Here the asset is EUR/USD. The option chosen is "Put" i.e. it will go down. The money invested is $200.


How can I participate in trading in Trade Rush?

You can start trading in Trade Rush with a minimum deposit of $200. Deposit following the "5% of capital" rule to avoid loses, you can deposit more as per your capital.

Does it offer easy withdrawal of profits?

Yes, you can obviously withdraw your profits quite easily in Trade Rush. I personally make the withdrawal in every fortnight. To withdraw your profits, go to "cash" and "withdrawal". Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and validate it. Online customer support with chat option is available for 18 hours in a day for 5 days in week – Monday to Friday.


Are you sure that I can withdraw my profits?Absolutely!I make withdrawals every 2 weeks and it is extremely simple. Just go into “cash” and “withdrawal”, then choose the amount to be withdrawn and validate.Your money will be sent by bank transfer, and remember that the Chat support is available 18 hours a day Monday through Friday to answer your questions if necessary.